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Ice Crème, Sorbet, Gelato!

Now personally, I am not going to order Sorbet when I have an overwhelming array of Gelato in front of my beading eyes! So that’s scrapped from the list.
Ice Crème also doesn’t hold up to Gelato in my book, perhaps a grasp at my Italian heritage and a glimmer of culture?
I realise some of you dear readers may not appreciate the difference….

Butterfat content: Gelato 2-6%; Ice crème (full fat) 14%.
Sugar content: Gelato (dairy based) is 16-24%; Ice crème (full fat) 12-16%.
In order not to freeze the Gelato solid the water and sugar content is symmetrical.
While the traditional Italian manufacturing of this blessed dessert vastly differs from the production in order to produce in mass quantity in Western society. I still appreciate its wholesome goodness.

Gluttonous of me, perhaps… BUT I can not just get ONE scoop, I need the variety of two scoops, it’s not necessarily that I want the volume two scoops provides, but what if the one scoop isn’t AMAZING and the person I am with has two scoops and they’re both better than my one measly scoop, heaven forbid!


Milany - Caffe & Gelato.
Where? Racecourse Rd, Ascot.
Why? Quantity & Quality! The serving size is ridiculous and the quality doesn’t suffer, I know this is a rarity!
Trivial fact… the owner is
Tatiana Grigorieva- YES the retired Australian pole vaulter!


Where? Multiple- I went to Portside Wharf, Hamilton (I am sure the only differences between the franchises would be service).
Why? Small servings, great after a healthy dining experience @ Sono or overindulging at Byblos! Quality is generic but okay.

There is one in Broadbeach on Surf Pde I frequented often (when I resided on the GC), but alas, Google is incapable of telling me the name…but it is somewhere OPPOSITE La Porchetta.

Serving sizes were just right and quality was great!

The eternal debate, Cold Rock v Baskins:
I personally would pick Baskins HANDS DOWN.
But their two scoops, coupled with my intolerance to dairy is not a great mix!
I prefer the quality of Baskins to Cold Rock, which I find to be as appealing as supermarket bought ice crème… most likely because I don’t partake in the novelty of mix ins.
However a GF did have a Cold Rock cake for her birthday party and excluding the choice of Gummi Bears, as an add in, I was a fan!

Store bought Gelato?
IF YOU MUST go down this path I recommend CJ’s Pasta, James St, New Farm. (While you are there purchase one of everything from their pasta & pasta sauce range numnumnum).
It is cost effective and delish. I couldn’t go past the
Macadamia Nut Caramel, could you?


I have tried others, but unless an off the cuff meal i.e. Gelato is AMAZING or recent it doesn’t stick in the memory bank for too long!

Any other recommendations? Please post!

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